Age and the Cost of Being Uyghurs in Ürümchi


Age and the Cost of Being Uyghurs in Ürümchi
Author: Xiaowei Zang
Source: The China Quarterly , JUNE 2012, No. 210 (JUNE 2012), pp. 419-434
Published by: Cambridge University Press on behalf of the School of Oriental and African Studies
This article asks: is the cost of being Uyghurs higher for young Uyghurs than for old Uyghurs in Ürümchi? I address this question with data from a survey of 2,947 people conducted in Ürümchi in 2005. The cost of being Uyghurs refers to the extent of economic inequality in the earnings of Han Chinese and Uyghurs. I develop three hypotheses on the effect of age on earnings differentials between Han Chinese and Uyghurs. Data analyses show that although young Uyghurs are better educated and earn more than old Uyghurs, they are more likely than old Uyghurs to suffer from being Uyghurs in Ürümchi. This finding has policy implications for the reduction of ethnic disparity in Xinjiang.


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